Expression Web Third Party Links

Third party Expression Web links for resources and Expression Web Addons. Addons are for EW 1.0 or EW 2.0

Expression Web and FrontPage Addons

Free EW Addons from Steve Easton

FP Cleaner with EW support FrontPage® and Expression Web®n 1.0, 2.0 and SharePoint clean up utility

Free EW Addons from InstantFX

  • Case Changer
  • Picture Splitter (beta)

Free EW Addons from CtrFX

Contact Form Generator for Expression Web
A free, online tool that will generate an ASP email contact form, which includes the following;

  • Back-end VB ASP.NET code
  • HTML form fields
  • Field validators
  • Customizable confirmation message
  • Basic security test to minimise form SPAM

and more. No programming knowledge is required.

Commercial EW Add-on from Office Power

Expression Web Extras
Expression Web Extras Toolbar

SEO Tools included with the Toolbar
  • Sitemap Builder: Generate perfectly formatted XML sitemaps for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live,, and others.
  • Robots.txt Builder: Generate perfectly formatted robots.txt files for Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live,, and others.
  • Property Count Window: Track and update three important search engine optimization tags: Title, Description, and Keywords.
  • Image Text Window: Quickly review and update all your image alt and title text from one convenient location.
Productivity Tools included with the Toolbar
  • Task Pane Cleaner: Keep your workspace nice and neat.
  • Time Tracker: Track how long you spend on a task.
  • Notes Window: Take notes with a free-form notes window.
  • Close without Saving: Close a page without saving it first.

Commercial EW Addons from Pane Manager (Jbots)

Panemanager Expression Web Addons

Panemanager 2.4
Ease the pain and make switching Task Panes in Expression Web easy as pie with a click of one button.

Free EW Addons from PaneManager (Jbots)

Design Time Include or Page Include (FrontPage Include)
Design Time Include for Expression Web
There is no Design Time Include in EW 1.0 without using a workaround, this addon gives you back that feature within Expression Web 1.0.

Commercial EW Addons from J-Moves

J-Moves Expression Web Addons

84 individual behaviours under five different categories

  • Navigation (9 tools, including Drop Down Menu and Bread Crumb)
  • Image (13 tools, including Scheduled Image and Slide Show)
  • Form (16 tools, including Drop Down States and Country Menus)
  • Cookie (12 tools, including Cookie Counter and Cookie Redirect)
  • General (34 tools, including Current Date and Pop Up Window)

Free EW Utility from JM Berthier

Expression Web Snippet Utility
If you want to keep your snippets when you move from FrontPage to Expression, now you can with utility that helps you import or export your custom code snippets or even share with others.

Commercial EW Addons from i3dthemes

Flexware PhotoGallery v2.0
To create the PhotoGallery position your cursor at the point you wish the pg to be viewable go to Tools | FlexWare | Photo Gallery | Insert command then select the pg square on your page and go to the Tools | FlexWare | Photo Gallery | Edit command.

Included with the FlexWare PhotoGallery are more than 20 different colorizations (themes) to match your existing website. This addon will also auto-thumbnail your large images and you have the choice of maintaining the original aspect ratio of the large image, or condense to a standard width/height for all thumbnails in your gallery.

Each purchase constitutes a license to use on one domain only.

Free EW Add-in from Expression Tutorials

SEO XML sitemap Add-in
When the addin is installed it will create a new menu under Tools, you can then select to 'Create a Sitemap' which will produce a sitemap.xml file in the root of your website., wherein it can then be submitted to Google.

Free EW Addon from Sothink

Sothink DHTML Menu Addon
This JavaScript tree menu supports Windows Vista and DWTs

Commercial EW Addons from FrontLook

FrontLook Java Effects

  • Scroller - 1 or 2 column scrolling text with effects
  • slideshow - 30 transition effects.
  • Image effects - 40 background image, shadow and text effects.
  • Text Effects - 20 text motion and shadow effects with colour animation..
Note: Does not contain JFX -VE product and themes and web art that the FP version does.

FrontLook Component Effects
  • FrontLook Presenter - 9 transition effects, supports complex image and text effects.
  • FrontLook Scroller Component - Supports continuous scrolling text and images.
  • FrontLook Page Scroller Component - Dynamic Scrolling messages.
  • FrontLook Button Bar Helper - Creates JavaScript buttons that control the components. No programming required.
FrontLook Site Search Engine

Full Demo version which runs for 30 days. Searches sub webs too. Support for either PHP or ASP. Very easy to use. As yet does not produce validating code but this is being worked on.

Commercial EW Add-ins from Xtreeme

Xtreeme Menu Addins for Expression Web

DHTML Menu Add-in for Expression Web
Add-in comes with over 200 ready to use navigation bar design with videos on how to add the menu and edit it

Commercial EW Add-ins from CSSMenuTools

Accordion CSS Menu Advancer Addin
Advanced Table-less CSS menu generator and W3C XHTML compliant CSS and HTML code Works with Expression Web 1.0, 2.0 and FrontPage 2003. $49.95 $29.95

Accordion Horizontal Menu Advancer for Expression Web
Intuitive GUI, generates light-weight, cross-browser, SEO-friendly multi-level drop-down CSS menus and saves time as it does not required css/javascript knowledge.$49.95 $34.95

Commercial EW Add-ins from Ajatix

Expression Web 3.0 addin (FIRST EW 3.0 ADDIN AVAILABLE ON THE WEB)

Advanced CSS Drop Down Menu
A Suckerfish / Son of Suckerfish based menu with JavaScript support featuring such additions as opening animations, dropdown open / closure delays for smoother navigation, automatic highlight of current page, and yet capable of running in JavaScript-disabled browsers. This menu is also based on cleaner markup (no conditional table tags for IE6)

Pure CSS Menu Expression Web Add-In
Pure CSS Menu, a script-less menu (uses conditional IE6 tags with tables)

Commercial EW Add-ins from Pluginlab

 Pluginlab Expression Web CSS Menus

These four CSS Menus allow you to implement CSS Menus, which are accessible and compliant, no more worrying if your site can be navigated and it looks good too!

Horizontal CSS Menu
horizontal pop up menu generator with two levels. $79.95 - $57

Vertical CSS Menu
Table-less vertical CSS Menu. $79.95 - $57

Horizontal Image CSS Menu
Automated 1 and 2 level horizontal image popup menu generator. $79.95 - $57

Vertical Image CSS Menu
Generates image based vertical CSS pop up menus. With 100s of CSS Menu templates included and the ability to use your own custom menu images. $79.95 - $57
  • Unlimited: Domain Usage Licenses
  • Installs: Each license includes 2 installations for use by one developer
  • Updates: Each purchase includes 1 year subscription to update
  • Guarantee: 30 days money back

Vertical Slide CSS Menu
Animated sliding vertical image menus. Select from a wide range of templates that are included with this package or simply use your own images. $79.95 - $57

Tree CSS Menu
Build Tree menu systems with as many nodes and sub-levels as you need. Experiment with colour combinations, built in cross browser effects, and use your own images. $79.95 - $47

Expression Web Resource Sites

By Expression
Cheryl Wise Microsoft MVP - Expression Web. Information and resources for the Microsoft Expression Suite programs with an emphasis on Expression Web where you will find tutorials, articles and forums dedicated to each of the programs.

Expression Web Tutorials
Pat Geary Microsoft MVP - Expression Web. In-depth Expression Web Tutorials with free DWTs and Web Templates

Expression Web Tips
Pat Geary Microsoft MVP - Expression Web. Expression Web Tips

Genealogy Web Creations
Pat Geary Microsoft MVP - Expression Web. An awesome resource for genealogists and the special web design restrictions they face

(Breakout - Next generation Browsing Experience - Scroll down - select MIX06 or MIX07, selections will appear in the next cell make your selections.

Jimco Books
Expression Web Books and Tutorials

Learn Expression Web
Expression Web  Video Tutorials and more on the Expression Suite

About Expression Web
Articles and how-tos from About

MathType and Expression Web (Works with  EW v1,2,3,4)
MathType documentation in working with Expression Web

DotNetCurry Expression Web Articles

Expression Web and ASP.NET

EW Resource
Owner - Ian Haynes. Microsoft MVP - FrontPage. Expression Web and ASP.NET Resource

HomePage Doctor
Owner - Clark Kurtz - Expression Web ASP.NET Resource

Expression Web ASP.NET Tutorials

How to create barcode images with Microsoft Expression Web in ASP.NET Websites
Step-By-Step Guide creating a simple ASP.NET Website featuring an ASP.NET web page with bar-coding capabilities by using Barcode Professional for ASP.NET and Microsoft Expression Web.

Expression Web and the ASP.NET Web Admin Tool
A neat configuration utility for setting up ASP.NET Membership, Web Protection and Server settings (just to name a few).

Expression Web and Databases

Using SQL 2005 with Expression Web
Exploring various methods of accessing SQL Server from inside Microsoft Expression Web.

HomePage Doctor
Owner - Clark Kurtz - Expression Web Database Tutorials

Expression Web Lists

Microsoft Expression Web List
Owner - Tina Clarke. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW List at Yahoo

By Expression Web List
Owner - Cheryl Wise. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW List at Google
Tina moderates on this list

Expression Web List
Owner - Cheryl Wise. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW List at Yahoo
Tina moderates on this list

Expression Web Class List
Owner - Cricket Walker. - EW List at Yahoo
Tina teaches on this list

Genealogy Expression Web List
Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW List at Rootsweb
Tina moderates on this list

Expression Web Ezines and Newsletters

Any Expression Web Tips Ezine
Owner - Tina Clarke. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW Ezine at Yahoo

FrontPage to Expression Web Ebook Mailing List
Owner - Tina Clarke and Pat Geary Microsoft MVP - Expression Web - EW Ebook Mailing list at Yahoo

Expression Web Ebooks

Expression Web Tips Ebook Vol l (For Sale) $7
Expression Web TIps Ebook Vol ll (For Sale) $7 - Bundled $13
Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web (For Sale) Standard Price $32  

Expression Web 1.0 Setting Up Ebook (FREE)
Expression Web 2.0 Setting Up Ebook (FREE)
Expression Web 3.0 Setting Up Ebook (FREE)
Expression Web 4.0 Setting Up Ebook (FREE)
Expression Web Dynamic Web Templates Ebook (FREE)
Expression Web Tutorials Ebook v1.0 (covers EW 1.0 and 2.0) (FREE)
Expression Web 3.0 Tutorials 2nd edition (covers EW 3.0) (FREE)
Expression Web 4.0 Tutorials 2nd Edition (covers EW 4.0) Released January 2011 (FREE)

Expression Web Forums

By Expression Web Forum
Owner - Cheryl Wise. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web
Tina moderates on this list

FrontPageTalk Expression Web Forum
Owner - Paul Colligan. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web
Tina Administrates and moderates on this Forum

OutFront Expression Web Forum
Owner - Thomas Brunt

Timeforweb Expression Web Forums
Owner - Joe Rohn

Expression Web Blogs

Expression Web Blog
Owner - Tina Clarke. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

FrontPage and Expression Web Blog
Owner - Tina Clarke. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

By Expression Web Blog
Owner - Cheryl Wise. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

Design is Philosophy
Owner - Morten Rand-Hendricksen. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web

Expression Web Training and Classes

Expression Web Training
Owner - Cheryl Wise. Microsoft MVP - Expression Web
Online Classroom based Training with a Microsoft MVP.

Bonus Material
Students will be able to download an ebook with the class lectures and materials at the end of class session, to have for future reference.

Total Training for Microsoft ExpressionWeb
Hosted by Janine Warner. DVD Training

Bonus Material
Included in this training you’ll receive 50 multimedia high resolution images courtesy of You’ll also receive a savings pass for a one month subscription to, discounted 40%. Enjoy access to medium and high resolution versions of these 50 images, plus an entire collection of over 310,000 images with new content added each month.

PixelMill™ EDU™ Online Seminar Training

FrontPage to Expression Web Online Seminar Series
This course is designed to give strong exposure to the new Expression Web software and interface along with tips for transitioning from FrontPage. Price: $129

Join this series and receive access to recorded versions of past sessions.

  • The Expression Web Interface
  • Moving to Standards: Semantic Mark-up and HTML
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Expression Web and CSS
  • Accessible Sites with Expression Web
  • Scalable Sites for the Future

Tables to Tableless CSS Online Seminar Series
Helping you transition from Table based temples to CSS based templates. Price: $99

Join this series and receive access to recorded versions of past sessions.

  • Beautiful Simplicity - About CSS Layouts
  • The Basics
  • Fun with Backgrounds
  • Powerful Link Formatting
  • Basic Static Layouts
  • Q&A Session - Dedicated to answering your questions

Expression Web Videos

By Expression Basic Getting Started Videos
Basic Websites in Expression Web Videos Training Videos
A selection of free Expression Web Training Videos

Expression Web Interviews

Any Expression Web Interviews
In the grand tradition we started way back in the year 2000 we continue our series of interviews with the leading lights of Expression Web

PodTech Network
Talking about Microsoft Expression Web (design tool for websites)

Eric Zocher and Wayne Smith sit down to talk with Robert Scoble about Microsoft's Expression Web

Erik Saltwell on Expression Web
In this InfoQ interview, Erik Saltwell talks about Expression Web and the role of professional designers in the application development process.