Free Expression Web Dynamic Web Templates

Instructions on how to install a web package

  1. Download the .fwp web package file to a location of your choice
  2. Make a empty Web and name it
  3. With the newly made and named web open
  4. Go to File | Import | Personal Web Package (EW 3.0 - Site - Import - Import from Web Package)
  5. Select the .fwp you just downloaded from your location choice
  6. Click Import then Run then OK
  7. Your new dwt should now be showing in your new empty web

It is suggested you obtain our Free Dynamic Web Template Ebook to help you understand how to work with DWTs better. If you have not already done so, it is also suggested you implement our Setting Up Expression Web Ebook

Site Templates.

Our sister site Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web has a exciting selection of basic Site layouts which can be accessed directly from within the Expression Web program itself. 12 Site templates which are completely free to use comes with full instructions and insights. Once you have these you won't want for a basic layout again, get yours now.

Flying Angel Expression Web Dynamic Web Template

Screen shot of Flying Angel DWT.Any Expression Web Designs is providing this DWT free to our readers for New Year 2008.

Download Free Flying Angel Expression Web DWT



The Flying Angel DWT is a combined table and div layout for those that are transitioning from using tables. It is a fluid layout that resizes to 800x600 with no horizontal scroll. It has a simple text based menu and includes the following pages within the dwt. Home, contact, about, site map and privacy policy.

The CSS and html both validate and it uses a xhtml transitional doctype

Terms of Usage:

Template and graphics Royalty Free for commercial or personal use. Not to be resold. Retain credit link
Copyright 2007 - 2008 Tina Clarke. Any Expression Web Designs

Cracked Ice Expression Web Dynamic Web Template

Screenshot of Cracked Ice DWT.Any Expression Web Designs is providing Cracked Ice Expression Web DWT free to our readers for Xmas and New Year 2009.

Download Free Cracked Ice Expression Web DWT


The Cracked Ice dwt is a one column fixed layout which will resize to 1024x768 with no horizontal scroll. Both the style sheet and the template validate and is a div layout. The page was coded using an XHTML strict doctype. Editable regions in the dwt include the doctitle, (Page title) docdescription (description) dockeywords (keywords), and the main content area. The silver curved bars around the content will expand downwards as you add more content. The dwt contains an index.htm page and all accompanying files. You edit the html of the menu in the _inc/menu.htm page and the css in the p7-cssxpress folder.

Terms of Usage:

This Cracked Ice dwt is licensed to you under the Creative Commons License Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales If you are from another country you can still license the template. What this means is that you can use the DWT for non-commercial means, such as a personal or non-profit site. However you must leave the link to Any Expression Web Designs which is in the footer.

Copyright 2009  Tina Clarke. Any Expression Web Designs