Expression Web Recommended Books

Foundations of Microsoft Expression Web

Written by Cheryl D. Wise a Microsoft MVP - Expression Web and CSS guru, Cheryl's mandate is that she leads her readers down the golden path of web design, so that your web site produces valid code that is accessible to all comers.

Cheryl is famed for her many in-depth answers that get right to the technical trouble your having on the Microsoft Newsgroup, but Cheryl does not stop there, she also moderates on our own FrontPage and Expression Web Lists and has one of her own called By Expression Web List.



She works tirelessly on her By Expression Web Forum bringing exciting Expression Web goodies to participating members, join today and take part and maybe you will win this months prize? Her By Expression Web Blog and By Expression Web resource site are full of news and tutorials all about the inner workings of Expression Web. Cheryl rounds off all this work with her Web Design Classes and she has one just for Expression Web.

Ever thought it would be nice to find a book that not only told you how to use your editor of choice, in this case, Expression Web, but that led you gently by the hand on the mechanics of what you are doing? So that not only do you end up knowing how to to use the editor in question, you also know WHY your doing what your doing?

Look no further this is that book. It is aptly named the basics and beyond, because that is exactly what this book gives you.

You know those questions that can only be asked on a list, forum or newsgroup? Well Cheryl anticipates those and answers them within the book, she can do this because she spends a lot of her time answering most of those questions everyday and knows just what you want to know from the get go. Filled within insightful tips and based careful guideance down the right web design path this book is one you must not miss.

Learn more about Cheryl in the first of our Expression Web Interviews, her knowledge is outstanding and this reflected within her interview, she includes not one but several Expression Web Tips for your reading pleasure.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Expression Web

Jim Cheshire, better known as Jimco in the FrontPage and Expression Web community has produced another outstanding book, this time for Expression Web.

Jim is the source of many free FrontPage Addins and answers many questions in Microsoft FrontPage and Expression Web Newsgroups. He is also the author of Special Edition Using Microsoft FrontPage. His web sites include Jimco Software and Jimco Books

For his day job, Jim is an Escalation Engineer for Microsoft working with the ASP.Net team.

Designed to help you as you grow in knowledge towards the more advanced features of Expression Web. A wonderful compliment to the book mentioned above, written with a more in-depth technical appeal but couched in explainable terms, the two books together make your ew knowledge expand ten fold.

On the CD-ROM that comes with the book
  • Sample files from the author
  • FREE! full version of Logo Creator (retail value of $39.95)
  • FREE! full version of DHTML Menu Builder Lite (retail value of $25)
  • Electronic version of this book in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF)

Note: I have installed Logo Creator and I love the program and the graphics it can create.

The book shows you how to use the features in Expression Web for real-world Web Design. It gives you a foundation in the technologies you will need to create maintenance low, validating web sites such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, XHTML ASP.NET and much more. So you know where you stand. This book equips you to be a better web designer using Expression Web as your major tool.

The book contains a troubleshooting section that helps you get to grips when things don't go quite right. Included too is a lagniappe at the end of each section.

Jim also has a section on ASP.NET (naturally) which is a taster for his upcoming book Expression Web Developer's Guide to ASP.NET - Learn to Create Applications Using Visual Web Developer.

Learn more about Jim Cheshire in our Expression Web Interview where we grill him on his thoughts and insights about Expression Web from the point of view of a developer.