Website Maintenance Contract

As soon as your site is finished it's time to start. Attention to detail is the key ingredient of maintaining a fresh and up to date site. This requires spanking new content on a regular basis in order to ensure your visitors continue to return along with the search engines.

We offer two types of Website Maintenance:

Client Maintenance Contract

Our Design Plan Clients have the option of taking out a client maintenance contract with us.

We offer a pay as you go service, this means you pay for what you request.

This can be reflected in the amount of pages you wish to be maintained or new pages or photos added.

What does a Client Maintenance contract entail?

Firstly you must have contracted a Web Design Plan from one of the following selections with us.

The maintenance client contract will then be offered just before the initial site is launched.

We will carry out basic editing and publish your pages. Add or remove content, links, email addresses and Images according to your needs.

We also offer new pages and new photos.

The full range of prices can be seen on  Prices and Packages for Maintenance Contract Plans

What don't you cover under a Client and Optional Maintenance Contract?

New website or template designs, new logos or banners. If you have taken out a Design Package with us before we will offer a discount if you request a new Design package. Contact us for details.

Optional maintenance Contract

You might find your original designer is no longer available to you or your not happy with the continuing services, this is where Any Expression Web Designs can step into the breach and help you move forward in the short term.

Contact us to discuss your needs.