Website Action Plan

Rather than have you fill out a form which we know can be hard to put into words, we prefer to interact in real time with you.

Does this involve a face to face meeting?

The short answer is no. We believe in using the internet for full and complete communication. Our client base is mainly in America because we support FrontPage and Expression Web web editors in our focused niche. We do what we do because we do it best. Most users of these programs reside in the United States, however thanks to the power of the internet we can converse in real time through Instant Messenger communication. Either through typing or voice to voice interaction. How wonderful is that? Best of all it costs nothing to achieve in expensive phone calls and travel costs, we are already saving you money before you start.

We use the following IMs, email for our User IDs.

We offer one hour free consultation to determine what your needs are.

Before we begin our consultation If you jot down in an email the answers to the following questions we can then both refer to these during our chat.

What information should I have ready before we discuss my site?

To proceed more smoothly it would help if you know the following.

What kind of site you want.

  • Small Business
  • Home based
  • Information
  • Non profit (Church, School Scouts)

What colour scheme your interested in.

A colour palette for a site usually consists of three main colours that compliment each other. This might be influenced by the subject of your site or the products. Think about the kind and range of colours you might be interested in and find some samples that we can look at together.

What kind of style do you like?

Find three or more sites that you like the look of in relation to your site concept. This will give us an idea of the general direction you want to go with.

Can you maintain the site yourself with your skills?

You might feel that you just need a head start and that you want to maintain your site after the initial launch, think about your skill level. Can you maintain a CSS sheet and do you know how to use FrontPage or Expression Web sufficiently? Would you require tutoring?

What If I don't know the above information or part of it?

Don't worry, the above is only a general guideline to ease the start of our discussion. Being prepared can help save time, but if you need to develop a concept for your site by bouncing ideas and brainstorming with us, we are quite happy to do so.