Basic Search Engine Optimization

What do we offer as part of our Basic Search Engine Optimization in our Web Design Plan Packages? Please read the below and to help yourself we suggest following our guidelines for better search engine placement.

When you give us your content we can implement the techniques of SEO for you, we can even tell you what they are. However what we don't do, is the research this requires, this is up to you. We can tell you how to go about it and where to learn in an environment that will move you forward. We take care of the technical aspects and the hard work allowing you to concentrate and focus upon your Website niche for your targeted audience or customers. If you don't wish to take these steps, we will still implement SEO techniques but on a more general level. SEO is not our specialty and we prefer to concentrate on making you a great site with a great design.

SEO Techniques Class

We highly recommend you join the SEO Techniques Class and read the SEO Optimization page for a overview of the free classes. It is a requirement that one must join both the SEO and marketing classes before one's membership will be approved.

By following the guidelines and best practices for the SEO class and corresponding classes success for your ventures will take a leap forward.

File Names

File names should reflect the content of the page and use a keyword(s) or keyword phrase of not not more than three keywords.

File names should always use dashes not underscores or spaces. If your page is already indexed, only change the file name if it contains a space e.g. my%20file.htm or it has poor search engine placement. Upon doing so use a 301 redirect and if possible make a 404 page.

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched file names.

Page Titles

Page titles should interpret the gist of the subject matter for that particular page, if possible using keyword two to six word phrases. They should focus on one topic for that page. Each page is a gateway into your site, treat each and every page as though it were the door to your home, and make a good first impression.

It is essential that research is done for each page and we recommend using the following tools.

Good Keywords - This is a simple application to use.
Keyword Suggestion - Use only the keyword suggestion tool

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched page titles. If you required a DWT as part of your package we will use editable coding around your title so that it is not overwritten when the DWT is updated this also applies to the meta tags for Description and keywords.

Meta Tags for Description and Keywords

Description Meta - Optimum is 15 - 20 words and use the exact title of the page in the description meta.

Keyword Meta - Optimum 150 characters which includes spaces and commas.

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched Description and keyword metas.

Heading Tags

Heading tags consist of H1 Heading tag and usually there is only one per page. Followed by heading tags 2 - 6. However generally only Heading tags 1, 2 and 3 are used heading tags 2 and 3 should be used for sub topics. As you can see on this page.

Used as part of a SEO plan they can be very effective.

You can use styles to control the sizing of the headings, they should never be used to control the size of your fonts.

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched Heading Tags

Alt Attribute

Alt attributes are required in order to validate your page, they should describe the graphic they are used for in as short a description as possible, it is best to keep it to 100 characters or less for English text or as short as possible but as long as necessary. Alt attributes primary purpose is for accessibility, but Google does appear to see Alt Text when indexing your site, however you should only use your key phrases in your Alt Attributes when it makes SENSE to do so, don't use Alt Attributes to stuff your site with keywords.

Graphics used for the layout of a template such as spacers should use blank Alt Attributes. These will be implemented as a matter of course

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched Alt Attributes.

Title Attribute

While Title Attribute text can be longer than Alt text some browsers crop it at 60 characters. The Title attribute should match the title of the PAGE the link is DIRECTED to. They help with targeting particular keywords to a specific page and in doing so, it's providing information about what it is linked to, this is the purpose for them on hyperlinks and that carries over into linked graphics as well.

SEO Basic - We will implement your researched Title Attributes.