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Sawdustconnection before Redesign

Sawdustconnection after Redesign.


Nedra Denison wanted her site redesigned and her code made 'better' so it was easier to maintain. She spent a lot of time just trying to keep track of everything. Her initial thoughts favoured a more 'FrontPage look', however as we worked through various designs and I came up with the below design Nedra was happy to await the end result.

Nedra worked very closely with me on the banner design and the layout and images of the banner were her idea. I just implemented the technical aspects of putting it together. The colour scheme is based on the products of Nedra's art work which are a southwestern palette.






Sawdustconnection after Redesign

After Redesign.

Nedra also required extensive training and help on using Expression Web 4.0 and various web design issues and SEO. With the use of Yahoo Instant messenger and we were able in real time to easily accomplish all the various procedures that Nedra needed to learn. We also used Expression Encoder for short ten minute quick videos so she could look back and be reminded on what to do.

We designed a .DWT and using .CSS with Page Includes for the menu and implemented SEO methods throughout the site. Nedra also moved hosts to the host I use and recommend. At her previous host she had utilised the alias/cname or parking method with her other domains for the site and this is something we put into practice at the new host.

A new comprehensive menu system was designed and Google account for web master tools was put in place. Nedra opted for Zoom for her search which I liked to so much I will be getting a pro version as well which I can use on all my sites.

Nedra will be maintaining her own site, but has opted for a six month retainer for further training, help and advice.

Launched 12th July 2011

Sawdustconnection - The Pyrography Specialists