Preferred County Realty

Preferred County Realty before Redesign

 Dr. Dan Ellis wanted the under laying FrontPage features removing from the site, however at the same time he wanted to retain most aspects of the design of the site. He also wanted to move forward to easier maintenance in using DWTs. Dr. Dan had tried using DWTs before however his concept of them had not been fully understood. We provided our Free Dynamic Web Template Ebook for him to read and explained how one DWT only was needed. This design required that we work around Dr. Ellis MLS Search feature and forms. We also suggested before using Expression Web more fully that he read and implement our Free Setting up Expression Web Ebook.



Preferred Country Realty after Redesign

Old design of Preferred Country. Dr. Dan required only a small amount of training and explanation delivered via Skype to grasp the fundamentals of the newly designed site. He already knew about DWTs and we introduced Page Includes for the menu system. Dr. Dan worked closely with us on winnowing down the amount of pages that were needed for the website. Many people tend to let old pages and images clutter up their sites, now Dr. Dan can enjoy a much cleaner and easier to maintain website. Various aspects of SEO were also explained. A better placement for the search was made and though the same banner was utilised a slight twist on the graphic was used by flipping it and making it more continuous with the logo combined.

Dr. Dan Ellis will be maintaining his own site.

Launched 15th February 2014

Preferred Country Realty