Cheshire House Proud Ltd

Cheshire House Proud Design.

Our client had a colour palette she wanted using for this completely new design which was lime green and black. With so few pages the design lent it self well to a top menu. This was done in css with a graphic look, and you know which page you are on because the menu link remains coloured. We also wrote most of the copy and implemented basic seo.

The graphic was produced by the clients graphic design and we reduced this to fit in the header. We used as the base design one of our joint project Basic Web Templates which Pat Geary and I provide free to the Expression Web community. As you can see it is easily adaptable to whatever design look you wish to create. As a result this was the quickest template I have ever made and was the most fun. What took the longest was matching up the graphical bar with the menu. We used SuperPreview to check it looked good in other browsers.

Cheshire House Proud

Launched June 2010