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Loramy LogicWe are a company based in Glossop catering for small to medium sized companies ranging from farmers and engineering works to butcher and baker shops. Often these companies have got by in the past with their own system of simple spreadsheets or off the shelf packages without realizing that a simple database is the quick and easy answer to integrate all their different systems and simplify and speed up data input. Nearly all our programs are created within Microsoft Access and run on Microsoft’s Runtime application so there is no need for any other applications such as Microsoft Office to be already installed in the computer. They can be auto installed from a compiled CD or dispatched as a folder containing a Setup facility. We can supply a free trial version of our popular Invoice Manager as a sample of what is available.


Contact: Rick Roberts
Phone: 01457 856999 (uk)

  1. Access 2007 Download: Access Runtime
  2. Loramy Logic First Fix  (Zip file) - Unzip and run the exe file.
    A small application which allows a potential client to submit details of their needs - this can be a rough copy of the main screen of their existing program.
  3. Invoice Trade -  (Zip file) - Unzip and run the exe file.
    A 30 day trial version of our simple Invoice Program - this can also be downloaded to give an indication of how our applications look and work.


Although we are based in the UK we are not restricted to working for clients in the near vicinity since all the requirements can be transferred through email, telephone (landline or computer based) or real-time chat clients such as Windows or Yahoo messenger. These clients can be used for file transfers and/or real-time chat to discuss any queries regarding the program. So, since there is no need for face to face contact we are able to work with English speaking people from all over the world.


There are many reasons why a company should decide to use their own bespoke database.  So many packages offer either what you need and a lot more besides which only clutters and complicates the program leaving unwanted boxes and columns of empty data or, oppositely, they allow for information that is restricted to a specific type of business but does not completely support everyone’s needs.

Initial consultation is free so that we can ascertain whether our service is the correct requirement for the client. Once the requirements are understood and agreed upon we can then offer a price for the package either as a full system or as a primary pack where add-ons can be purchased at a later date. Although the package does not need maintaining, and should run indefinitely, we are, for a small fee, able to offer a periodical check on the system to make sure that it is running to its optimum.

Our databases are made from scratch to suit exactly the customer’s requirements and can be upgraded at any time if situations change or other options become desirable. Also we can add to the program should a client feel that extra information is needed or more calculations are required to give a better picture of the current state of business. We provide a series of leaflets and forms to simplify the need to explain what information is expected from the client. The first form explains the naming of objects within a database to prevent misunderstandings. There are also forms for clients to fill in so that a rough idea of their needs are available for a basic draft to be created. Once the first draft is accepted then further refinement can take place.
So if you are unsure that the package you are now using exactly fits your needs then contact us so that we can suggest and offer you some optional solutions. You have nothing to lose.

Portfolio of commissioned work

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Cattle movements record. Butchers form. Climbing Club photograph Reord. 

Cattle Movements Record

Butchers Form Record

Climbing Club Record 

Bakeries Company Name Record.  

Bakeries Form Record

Company Name Record