Using the keyboard to select a menu

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When you have to make repetitive selections of the menu sometimes using the keyboard is quicker and easier. Particularly when you have to go deeper into the menu. Here we give an example of selecting a Table Menu in order to Select a Table



Using the keyboard to select a menu

Using the keyboard to select a table is an excellent way of saving you time and effort.

Place your cursor within the table you wish to select.

Using the keyboard press:

Alt + A - This selects the Table Menu from the Toolbar
Next Press Alt + C - This selects the sub menu 'Select Table'
Press Enter and this will then Select the Table.

You can use the keyboard to work your way around the Table menu or any other menu merely by observing the underscores in a cascading manner.

Menu Selection using the Keyboard.
Fig 1: Shows the underscores highlighted on the Table Menu.

Alt + A
Alt + C
Alt + T






Just observe the underscore on any given menu and work your way through them using the Alt key and corresponding underscored letter for ANY menu.


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