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The workspace in Expression Web is customisable so you can change it to suit your style and way of working.

This four part tip on Workspace outlines the features available to you.




Workspace - Menus and Toolbars

  1. Workspace - Menus and Toolbars
  2. Workspace - Editing Window
  3. Workspace - Task Panes
  4. Workspace - Status Bar
Default Workspace.

Fig 1 - Default Workspace

There are many different ways to set out your workspace. From discussion amongst the Expression Web Community we find many people dislike the Default Layout Workspace.

Workspace - Custom Selections

The Workspace is highly customisable and I like to have my own workspace with four task panes I use almost all the time set out on my left hand side.

Stacked Task Panes - A Custom Workspace.

Fig 2 - Stacked Task Panes - A Custom Workspace
(Click thumbnail for enlarged view).

I access the folder list frequently to open pages and to keep in mind my overall view of the site.

I sometimes, especially in the creation of a template need constant manipulation of the styles to be at hand.

I don't use the Apply Styles Task Pane as often as the other three but sometimes I find I need to use it and would rather have it available it takes up no extra space.

The Manage Styles Task Pane is probably the most used Task pane I need to hand when I'm writing content.

These are my personal selections, when you have worked with Expression Web you will find your own happy medium and your own way to display your workspace.


TIP: To reset the workspace to the default, on the Task Panes menu, click Reset Workspace Layout.


Menus and Toolbars

Menus and Toolbars.

Fig 3 - Menus and toolbars



A menu displays a list of commands. Some of these commands have images (called icons) next to them so you can quickly associate the command with the image. Most menus are located on the menu bar, which is the toolbar at the top of the screen. Toolbars can contain buttons, menus, or a combination of both.

It is easy to Customise Toolbars and Icons or to make one of your own

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