Editing Window

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When you edit pages you edit in the 'Editing Window'.

As soon as you open a web, Expression Web will add the Website Tab to the Editing window.



Editing Window.

Fig 1 - Editing Window

1. Tabs
2. Close Page
3. Quick Tag Selector
4. Page Views

Workspace - Editing Window

1. Any open pages will be available as Tabs along the top of the editing window. Which ever file your currently editing will be highlighted.

TIP: You can use a quick keyboard shortcut to switch pages. Either Control + Tab or Control +Shift +Tab.

2. To close the page you are editing Expression Web suggests clicking the X Close button. However I always prefer to use File - Close.

3. Quick Tab Selector Bar

Quick Tag Selector.

Fig 2 - Quick Tag Selector

The Quick Tag Selector shows you the html tags in nested order. By selecting a tag a drop down arrow will appear with options for you to use.






4. There are three page views to choose and to work in.

  • Design
  • Spilt
  • Code

Design View - allows you to visually design web pages and the HTML code will automatically be produced in Code View at the same time.

TIP: You can also display HTML tags in Design View just press Control + /

Spilt View - allows you simultaneously look at the Code View as you type in Design view and the View I recommend you work in as much as possible if CSS and HTML are new to you.

TIP: If you want a quick way to update the changes you make in Code View hit F5 and the Design View will immediately update.

Code View - This shows the HTML code that makes the visual effects you see in Design View and you can view, write and edit the html tags.

TIP: Press Control + PageUp or Control + PageDown to switch between views.

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