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HTML  is the code that drives your web pages. There are infinite and varied techniques for making your life much easier when it comes to manipulating your HTML code in Expression Web.



Insert meta tags for keyword and description automatically

Insert meta tags for keyword and description automatically.A quick way to put in the meta tags for keyword and description without touching the your html is to right click in Design View and choose Page Properties and type in your text then press ok and hey presto the code for the meta's will automatically have been made and the text inserted. You can change the text at any time. Make sure you do not leave any spaces or these will be included also.

Also depending on the type of doctype your using, the code will be inserted to match, so if your using a XHTML doctype the tags will be inserted with a closing brace.

Setting a DocType for a single page

In 'Code View' or in the 'Code' pane of 'Split View', on the keyboard select 'Control + Home', the cursor will move to the head of the page e.g. Line 1, Column 1.

  1. Then, press Control + Enter and the DocType menu will appear
  2. Scroll down to select the DocType you want from the drop down list
  3. Press Enter and the DocType will be inserted










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