Paul Colligan, Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

Paul Colligan, Microsoft MVP - Frontpage.
Paul Colligan
Country: United States
Focus: Digital Media


Expression Web Interview with Paul Colligan

Q 1. Do you own and maintain your own FrontPage / Web Design resource(s)?

A. Oh yeah - too many -, and to mention a few.

Q 2. Do you have a special Design Tip for you can share with our readers?

A. Always consider outsourcing.

Q 3. What feature would you most like to see available within the next version of Expression Web and why?

A dream feature of Expression Web would be a tie-in to popular open
source systems such as WordPress, Drupal, PhpBB, etc.

Imagine how powerful it would be to edit the templates and interfaces
for these systems right in Expression Web.

You can't blame a guy for dreaming ;-)

Q 4. What Expression Web Add-on would you most like to see available and why?

A. Can't think of one at the moment.

Q 5. As a MVP you participate online and answer many questions on FrontPage and web design. What started you down this road and why?

A. People try to make things wayyyyyy tooooooooo complicated. I can't stand that. The idea for the sites and my role was to show that it can be done quickly and easily, and you don't have to have
a degree to make it happen.

Q 6. What Web design good practices do you recommend our readers follow?

A. If you have to ask if it works on "the other browsers" - you didn't design it right.

Q 7. What five sites do you recommend should be in our readers web design arsenal?

A .
a/  - Blogging is the future of Web Design.
b/   - Jimco get's it.
c/  - We're "getting it."
d/  - What happens when you have to communicate a lot of things to a lot of people?
e/  - Too much information actually organized well.

Q 8. Do you have any luminaries within the FrontPage and Web Design industry in general and who do you model your practices after?

A. I think the crisp and clean trends of the Web 2.0 movement are my goal now.

Q 9. What advice would you give to readers who are used to using the wizards and bots of FrontPage and want to move to Expression Web and a more user friendly site?

A. Consider outsourcing. The Web has moved from something that anyone can hack to something that you really want to consider handing over to people who play at what might not be 'fun' for you anymore. If you love this stuff great, keep having a blast - but if you are losing sleep keeping up on everything, consider alternatives. Web design only matters because it is the presentation of great content.

Q 10. Can you tell our readers of any upcoming activities or just launched projects you have planned?

A. - RSS just changed from "one to many" to "one to one."

Interview by Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP - FrontPage  11th Aug 2007
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