Karey Cummins - Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

Name: Karey Cummins
Country: USA
WebSite: http://www.rtbwizards.com
Focus: Web templates designed for Expression Web

Expression Web Interview with ?

Q 1. Do you own and maintain your own FrontPage/Expression Web resource(s)?

A. Yes. Because so many seem to have questions about both FrontPage and Expression Web, I have a site with a lot of tutorials at http://www.rtbwizards.com/helpcenter/ . There's also a relatively new blog site at http://rtbwizardsnews.blogspot.com/

Q 2. Do you have a special tip for Expression Web you can share with our readers?

A . Take the time to set up Expression Web! I usually recommend that new users customize their toolbars, especially to remove the formatting options
from the common toolbar. (They can still access these items through the Formatting toolbar, if needed.) This helps curb those .style1, .style2 items
that seem to multiply out of control.

Q 3. What feature would you most like to see available within the next version of Expression Web and why?

A . I would love to see some better beginner tutorials. Those transitioning from FrontPage to Expression Web seem to be far too confused over the

Q 4. What Expression Web Add-on would you most like to see available and why?

A. A wish list? I'd like to see some goodies like a good photo gallery option, an easy calendar, and perhaps a CSS dynamic (drop down or fly out)
menu option.

Q 5. As a MVP you participate online and answer many questions on (FrontPage) Expression Web. What started you down this road and why?

A. I remember what it was like to open FrontPage 98 for the very first time and have had to learn and transition through each new version. If it wasn't
for some helpful people who answered my questions, I may have thrown up my hands in frustration a long time ago. So now I design products for others
and I understand the need to give clear answers. It's fun to be able to help someone go from "I'm confused." to "Oh! I get it now!".

Q 6. What Expression Web or Web design good practices do you recommend our readers follow?

A. Learn the foundation of (X)HTML. Working in split view will help you see what is going on behind the scenes. Also, learn the basics of CSS. On most
levels, it is very logical and not difficult to grasp most of the concepts. Last, be sure to test in more than one browser.

Q 7. What five sites do you recommend should be in our readers web design arsenal?

A .
a/ http://www.alvit.de/handbook/
b/ http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/
c/ http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menu/index.html
d/ http://brutallysuccinct.com/
e/ http://css-tricks.com/

Q 8. Do you have any luminaries within Expression Web and the Web Design industry in general and who do you model your practices after?

A.  I stand in awe of the CSS gurus who continually push the limits on what can be done and then explain the process to us lesser mortals. :-)

Q 9. What advice would you give to readers who are used to using the wizards and bots of FrontPage and want to move to Expression Web and a more user friendly site?

A. Understand that there is no "Easy Button". Expression Web is not a new FrontPage; it's different. In most cases it is better to start over with a good basic foundation than to try to revamp an old site. Yes, it takes time, but the results will be worth it.

Q 10. Can you tell our readers of any upcoming Expression Web activities or just launched projects you have planned?

A. I am always adding new tutorials to my Help Center. After the new year, I hope to have some new "Some Assembly Required" tutorials aimed at FrontPage
users who are transitioning to Expression Web.


Interview by Tina Clarke Microsoft MVP - FrontPage  7th November 2008
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