InstantFX Expression Web Addons

Commercial Expression Web Addins from InstantFX. Free Expression Web Addins from this company can found with  a large listing of other Free Expression Web Addons

InstantFX Elementz

InstantFX Elementz V1.1
This release contains 90+ (Excluding Image Tools and Effects!) however more Elementz can be imported FREELY as they are developed.

Free upgrade to users of similar previous product (Tools+2)

  • Well Over 100 premade, pre Java scripted, ASP, Image Effects and more components. (See current release listing)
  • Fast access with an easy to use interface.
  • Field Manager With Additional Field Effects.
  • (Limit text entry, add highlighting styles, status bar text and more!)
  • Save your own HTML Snippets for re-use.
  • Save Favourite Forms For re-use.
  • Built in Data Access. (Create online forms from MS Access tables!)
  • Access and implement many components (including your own Snippets from HTML View Mode!)
  • Create your own components with interactive interfaces that talk back to Expression to modify pages, copy required files or add additional HTML through basic JavaScript templates!
  • Export or Import your own or new components.
  • Image tools (resizing, thumbnails, effects and more)

InstantFX SE Flash Navigation Maker

Flash Navigation Maker
Create quick and simple Flash Multi Button Navigation Bars with ease. 

Flash software that not only runs from Windows but integrates into FrontPage (2000-2003), PowerPoint (2000-2003) and Microsoft Expression Web

$14.95 or FREE with InstantFX FrontPage Edition Package Deal

Free Import Libraries for Navigation Maker :: For Registered Users

Customize :

  • Over 170 Flash button templates (including current imports)
  • Fonts
  • MP3 Sounds
  • Text Color
  • Button Color Tinting
  • Text Position/Alignment
  • Optimized Font Use. (Only uses what you need which mean smaller .swf file sizes!)
  • Horizontal or Vertical Navigation.
  • FLA Included To Create Your Own Buttons With Flash MX!
  • FXI Library Compiler to compile distributable InstantFX SE button libraries!
  • Import new button libraries for more choice (registered users only).
  • URL and number of button restrictions on unregistered version.
  • InstantFX SE components have standard export facilities that output to almost anything!
  • Outputs pure compressed SWF files.

InstantFX SE Flash Media Player Maker

MP3 Player Maker
Flash based Template  MP3 Players can now be customised with the MP3 Player Maker from Instant FX SE, allowing you to create both online and office MP# compilations of music.

$17.95 or FREE with InstantFX FrontPage Edition Package Deal.

Note To Existing Users : The latest version of the MP3 Player Maker with Ripping/Encoding, SuperSkins, WinAMP Classic Skin Support  requires a complete installation. Please uninstall prior versions and download the latest installer. The updates button will not update the full features.

New and updated Features in MP3 Player Maker:

  • FREE for Existing MP3 Player Maker Owners!
  • New : Flash Video Support
  • New : Flash Video Encoding (AVI->FLV)
  • New : Better Skins Support (Transparent PNGs)
  • New : Remote Export Options (Easier for MySpace use)
  • New : PowerPoint Support! (Insert Custom Video/MP3s!)
  • New : Display Album Art for MP3s
  • New : Font Changing (for some skinnable templates).
  • New : Updated Interface
  • New : CD Ripping and MP3 Encoder
  • New : SuperSkin Templates with Layout Editing
  • New : Import and Use WinAmp Classic Skins!
  • New : Improved Remote Playlist Support. Including ICECast Streams!
  • New : Embedded Playlists.
  • New : Updated, more detailed Help Files.
  • Change Caption/Artist display.
  • Convert entire MP3 albums into one EXE with custom player!
  • Play local MP3s on same player! (EXE Output only)
  • Output to web for online streaming of MP3s.
  • Modify Text Colors for custom look.
  • Skin Image Tinting for custom look.
  • Color Tint Controls for custom look.
  • Set Music Looping, Auto Next, Auto Play.
  • External XML file MP3 list. (Which is hidden from users and not visible in your html thus protecting your MP3 files).
  • Create your own Player skins for some players with JPG files for completely unique look - templates for creating skins are included!
  • Import new players and skins as they are designed to expand the customizable MP3 Player collection.

InstantFX SE Flash SlideShow Maker

Flash SlideShow Maker
This application brings the power of Flash to anyone, with this Flash Slideshow Maker one can learn to create a slide show out of jpeg images.

Includes it's very own batch image converter which will convert and resize images to several image formats. Allowing easily created custom online and standalone flash based slideshows.

$19.95 or FREE with InstantFX FrontPage Edition Package Deal.

Just some of the features :

  • Unlimited Slides using JPEG or SWF Files.
  • NEW : Slide to Slide MP3s. (Different MP3s for each slide - in newer supported templates!)
  • NEW : Multi select JPGs/SWFs when adding images
  • NEW : Quickly change Image/SWF order.

Instant FX SE Flash Browser

Flash Browser
Output your findings directly to EW web pages and turn your favourite animations into Screen Savers which includes a Screen Saver installer to make distribution that much easier.

You can browse from within Expression Web the following files.

  • Flash Clipart
  • SWF Files
  • Internet Explorer Cache

$12.95 or FREE with InstantFX FrontPage Edition Package Deal.

InstantFX SE components have standard export facilities that output to almost anything!

Instant FX SE Flash Browser and Transformer

Flash Browser and Transformer
Not just a Flash Browser, you can also use the Transformer features to change the text, images and sounds within a SWF file.


Turn your favourite animations into Screen Savers with their own self contained Screen Saver installer for easy distribution.

  • NEW! Add additional files to the compiled EXEs that your SWF files might access.
  • NEW! Updated Editing interface for easier editing.
  • NEW! FLA Included To Create Your Own Color Tintable Clipart With Flash MX!
  • NEW! FXI Library Compiler to compile distributable InstantFX SE Clipart libraries! Start selling your own Flash libraries!
  • NEW! Windows Help and Shortcut Keys!

InstantFX Flash Slide Puzzle Maker

Flash Slide Puzzle Maker
$9.95 Create slide puzzles and games

The Flash Puzzle Maker can create 3x3 or 4x4 slide puzzles with ease and can easily output to web pages for online use or self contained executables (.EXEs) for sending via email to friends and family

ToolTip Maker Addin

InstantFX ToolTip Maker
This addin for FrontPage and Expression Web beta adds tooltips on your hyperlinks to your web pages. Cross browser ready made templates available in HTML format OR animated Flash!

$9.95 or FREE with InstantFX FrontPage Edition Package Deal.

  • Quick and simple to use.
  • Cross browser Animated Flash Tooltips!
  • Cross browser HTML Tooltips!
  • Over 35 premade tooltip templates.
  • Import Facilities to add more templates as they're developed.
  • Customize fonts, colors, background colors and more.
  • FREE to registered owners of InstantFX FrontPage Edition as a part of that products progressive replacement with InstantFX SE!